Radiosonde Suppliers

Upper Air Sounding system

Unmanned Sounding System:

We provide the unmanned sounding system automates the upper air observations entirely automatic for 48 consecutive soundings with most advanced features and alarms.
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GPS Radiosonde Sounding System

GPS radiosounding system is used to complete the measurement of meteorological elements such as wind velocity, direction, humidity, temperature and pressure of the atmosphere. It's highly automatic because it applies high-accuracy positioning of the GPS to track automatically the flying radiosonde, without radar tracking on the ground.
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GPS Ozonesonde Sounding System

GPS Ozonesonde Sounding system is a GPS Radiosonde Sounding System having extra sensors and calibration kit for ozone measurements.


GPS Pilotsonde Sounding System (PB Sonde)

Pilotsondes are GPS based radiosondes without temperature and humidity sensors. They are used to measure the wind data more accurately than theodolite manual tracking.
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